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Core Faculty

Name Research Area Title Position Email
Brian Baigrie Philosophy of early modern science Associate Professor Core Faculty brian.baigrie@utoronto.ca
Joseph Berkovitz Philosophy of Probability, Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Economics Associate Professor Core Faculty joseph.berkovitz@utoronto.ca
Lucia Dacome History of medicine Associate Professor Core Faculty lucia.dacome@utoronto.ca
Yiftach Fehige Christianity and science Associate Professor Core Faculty yiftach.fehige@utoronto.ca
Craig Fraser History of mathematics Professor Core Faculty craig.fraser@utoronto.ca
Michael Miller Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Science, History of 20th Century Physics Assistant Professor Core Faculty1 mike.miller@utoronto.ca
Mark Solovey History and philosophy of the social sciences Assistant Professor Core Faculty mark.solovey@utoronto.ca
Marga Vicedo History of biology Associate Professor Core Faculty marga.vicedo@utoronto.ca
Denis Walsh Philosophy of biology Professor Core Faculty1 denis.walsh@utoronto.ca
Rebecca Woods History of technology Assistant Professor Core Faculty rebecca.woods@utoronto.ca
Chen-Pang Yeang History of physics Associate Professor Core Faculty chenpang.yeang@utoronto.ca


1. Cross-appointed with the department of Philosophy.


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