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The Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (IHPST) offers two degree programs: Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy. IHPST conducts research, offers advanced studies programs, and serves as a focus for University-wide interest in its field.

Courses are open to all graduate students and are suitable complements for specialists in science or the humanities. Students participate in the IHPST colloquia, which are open to the University of Toronto community.

Admission is highly selective and competitive. Acceptance is based on a combination of grades, references, academic and professional accomplishments, areas of interest, and a sample of written work.

Applicants who wish to take one or more of the courses offered by IHPST as non-degree students should apply for admission as Special Students. The application procedures are the same as for those of the MA program, but the deadline for applications is May 1.

Click here to view the Graduate Course Timetable, or the Full Graduate Course Listing.


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