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Student Name Defense Year Dissertation Title Supervisor(s) Placement
Abraham, Tara 2000 “Microscopic Cybernetics”: Mathematical Logic, Automata Theory, and the Formalization of Biological Phenomena, 1936-1970 P. Thompson Associate Professor, Dept. of History, University of Guelph
Kroker, Kenton 2000 From Reflex to Rhythm: Sleep, Dreaming, and the Discovery of Rapid Eye Movement, 1870-1960 P. H. Mazumdar Chair, Associate Prof., Dept. of Science & Technology Studies, York University
Pantalony, David 2001 Rudolf Koenig (1832-1901), Hermann Von Helmoltz (1832-1901) and the Birth of Modern Acoustics T. H. Levere Curator, Physical Sciences and Medicine, Canada Science and Technology Museum, and Adjunct Professor of History, University of Ottawa
Wright, Katharine 2003 Being Human in Postwar American Thought and Culture: A History from the Cybernetic Perspective B. Baigrie/S. Hong Policy Analyst at Industry Canada
Slater, Ian 2003 The Bungling Giant: Atomic Energy Canada Limited and Next-Generation Nuclear Technology, 1980-1994 J. Langins Teaching Associate, York University, Division of Natural Science
Lazenby, Jill 2003 Climate of Collaboration: Interdisciplinary Science and Social Identity B. Baigrie Assistant Lecturer, Dept. of Science and Technology Studies, York University
Foster, Adam (Jay) 2003 The Human Mind and the Perception of Nature: Ideas, Judgement and Signs in Thomas Reid and Early Modern Philosophy T. H. Levere/M. Schabas Lecturer, Dept. of Philosophy, Memorial University
Sidoli, Nathan 2004 Ptolemy’s Mathematical Approach: Applied Mathematics in the Second Century A. Jones Associate Professor, School for International Liberal Studies, Waseda University
Elwick, Jamie 2004 Compound Individuality in Victorian Biology, 1830-1872 P. Winsor Associate Professor, Dept., of Science & Technology Studies, York University
Monaldi, Daniela 2004 The Fate of the Mesotron. The Rome experiment on the nuclear absorption of hard cosmic rays. C. Fraser Course Director, York University, Division of Natural Science
Lucas, Matthew 2004 Bridging a Cultural Divide: Strengthening Similarities and Managing Differences in University-Industry Relations D. Wolf/ S. Hong Executive Director, Corporate Strategy and Performance, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
Pavri-Garcia, Vera 2005 “Technological Doublespeak”: Metaphors, Public Policy and the Development of Canada’s First Domestic Communications Satellite System – 1966-1970 J. Langins Assistant Lecturer, Dept. of Science & Technology Studies, York University
Worthen, Shana 2005 The Memory of Medieval Inventions, 1200-1600: Windmills, Spectacles, Mechanical Clocks, and Sandglasses B. Hall Instructor, Dept. of History, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Everson, Theodore (Ted) 2006 Genetics and Health in Context: Genome Research Funding and the Construction of Genetic Disease P. Thompson Director, Global Medical Communications, Oncology @ Pfizer
Wiedemer, Jenene 2006 Anesthesia and Entertainment: Nitrous Oxide in Nineteenth Century America B. Baigrie Independent Scholar
Burns, John (Conor) 2006 Networking Ohio Valley Archaeology in the Nineteenth Century P. Winsor Contract Lecturer, Ryerson University
Cronin, Marionne 2006 Flying the Northern Frontier: The Mackenzie River District and the Emergence of the Canadian Bush Plane, 1929-1937 J. Langins Research Fellow, University of Aberdeen
Campbell, Scott 2006 The Premise of Computer Science: Establishing Modern Computing at the University of Toronto (1945-1964) J. Langins Lecturer and Director of the Center for Society, Technology and Values, University of Waterloo
Harris, Martha 2007 The Physico-Chemical Nature of the Chemical Bond: Valence Bonding and the Path of Physico-Chemical Emergence T. H. Levere Manager, Governance & Curriculum Services, FAS, University of Toronto
Keelan, Jennifer 2008 The Canadian Anti-vaccination Leagues, 1872-1892 P. Mazumdar Assistant Professor, Department of Public Health Sciences, University of Toronto
Brysse, Keynyn 2008 The Burgess Shale: A Cambrian Mirror for Modern Evolutionary Biology D. Walsh Independent researcher
Durant, Darrin 2008 Burying Nuclear Waste, Exposing Nuclear Authority: Canada’s Nuclear Waste Disposal Concept and Expert-lay Discourse P. Winsor Lecturer, School of Historical and Philosophical Studies, University of Melbourne
Boantza, Victor 2008 Styles of Experimental Reasoning in Early Modern Chemistry T. H. Levere Associate Professor, History of Science, Technology and Technology, U of Minnesota
Tomory, Leslie 2009 Progressive Enlightenment: The Origins of the Gaslight Industry, 1780-1820 J. Langins Research Affiliate, McGill University
Feke, Jaqueline 2009 Ptolemy in Philosophical Context: A Study of the Relationships Between Physics, Mathematics, and Theology A. Jones Assistant Professor, Dept. of History, U of Waterloo
Martin-Nielsen, Janet 2009 Private Knowledge, Public Tensions: Theory Commitment in Postwar American Linguistics B. Gillon Postdoctoral Fellow, Aarhus University
Olley, Allan 2010 Just a Beginning: Computers and Celestial Mechanics in the Work of Wallace J. Eckert C. Fraser Research Fellow, Cooper Museum of Computer Science, York University
Miller, Boaz 2010 A Social Theory of Knowledge A. Chakravartty Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Community Informatics, Zefat Academic College
Ramsingh, Brigit 2011 The History of International Food Safety Standards and the Codex Alimentarius (1955-1995) L. Dacome/ P. Mazumdar Senior Lecturer, University of Central Lancashire
Liu, Patricia 2011 Creating Controversy: Science Writers, Corporate Funders, and Non-expert Scientists in the Debate over Prions (1982-1997) P. Mazumdar Medical Writer and Editor for Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS)
Hamm (Burns), Elizabeth 2011 Ptolemy’s Planetary Theory: An English Translation of Book One, Part A of the Planetary Hypotheses with Introduction and Commentary A. Jones Associate Professor, School of Liberal Arts, St. Mary’s College of California
Gavrus, Delia 2011 Men of Strong Opinions: Identity, Self-representation and the Performance of Neurosurgery, 1919-1950 L. Dacome/ P. Mazumdar Associate Professor and Chancellor’s Research Chair, The University of Winnipeg
Record, Isaac 2011 Knowing Instruments: Design, Reliability, and Scientific Practice A. Chakravartty Academic Specialist, Dept. of History and Philosophy of Science, Michigan State University
Earnshaw-Whyte, Eugene 2012 Modeling Evolution D. Walsh Assistant Professor, Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology
Kriger, Sarah 2012 Fighting Ghosts, Playing Whist, and Fencing with Fire: Three Technologies of Illusion in Performance in Nineteenth-century London J. Langins Lecturer, School of Professional Communication, Ryerson University
Turner, Jonathan 2012 The Defence Research Board of Canada, 1947 to 1977 J. Langins Career Educator, University of Toronto
Abounader, Brooke 2012 Model Selection and Experiment Design: Case Studies and How they Relate B. Baigrie/J. Brown Operations Research Analyst, US Army Aberdeen Test Center
Barseghyan, Hakob 2012 A Theory of Scientific Change B. Baigrie Assistant Professor, IHPST, University of Toronto
Hamilton, Vivien 2012 Establishing Authority: The Role of Physics in the Development of Radiology in Canada, Britain, and the United States, 1896-1928. C. P. Yeang Associate Professor, History of Science, Harvey Mudd College, CA
Stoklosa, Anna 2012 Evidentiary Bases of Health Technology Assessments(HTA): Comparing the Canadian, Australian and UK approaches P. Thompson Research Fellow, The University of Sydney, Australia
Gee, Teri 2012 Strategies of Defending Astrology: A Continuing Tradition A. Jones Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Physics, Brigham Young University
Christopoulos, John 2012 Abortion in Late-Renaissance Italy L. Dacome Assistant Professor, Dept. of History, University of British C Olumbia
Hoffman, Michelle 2012 Constructing School Science: Physics, Biology and Chemistry Education in Ontario High Schools, 1880-1940 C. P. Yeang Assistant Director, Institute for Writing and Thinking, Bard College, NY
Varma, Charissa 2013 Beyond Set Theory: The Relationship between Logic and Taxonomy from the Early 1930 to 1960 P. Winsor Darwin Correspondent Project, University of Cambridge
Gross, Ari 2013 Form and Function: Seeing, Knowing, and Reasoning with Diagrams in the Practice of Science C. P. Yeang Program Analyst, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Gil-Riano, Sebastian 2013 Historicizing Anti-racism: UNESCO’s Campaigns Against Race E41Prejudice in the 1950s M. Murphy Assistant Professor, Dept. of History and Sociology of Science, University of Pennsylvania
Nickerson, Sylvia 2014 Paper Index of the Mind: The Book and Printed Culture of Mathematics in England and Canada, 1830-1930 C. Fraser Contract Lecturer, IHPST, University of Toronto
Virdi, Jaipreet 2014 From the Hands of Quacks: Aural Surgery, Deafness, and the Making of a Surgical Specialty in 19th Century London L. Dacome Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Delaware
Weidenhammer, Erich 2014 Air, Disease, and Improvement in 18th-Century Britain: Sir John Pringle (1707-1782) L. Dacome/T. H. Levere Curator, University of Toronto Scientific Instruments Collection
Wright, Aaron 2014 More than Nothing: Histories of the Vacuum in Theoretical Physics, 1927-1981 C. P. Yeang Assistant Professor, Dept. of History, Dalhousie University
Bolinska, Agnes 2014 Epistemic Representation in Science and Beyond J. Berkovitz Visiting Assistant Professor, Dept. of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge
Belanger, Chris 2014 On Philosophical Problems in the Foundations of Chaos Theory J. Berkovitz Senior Policy Analyst, Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service
Koo, Alex 2014 Mathematical Explanation in Science J. Brown Lecturer, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Toronto
Moore, Rebecca 2014 Living Inventions: Genetically Modified Organisms and the Canadian Patent System, 1976-2004 M. Vicedo Manager, Communications and Knowledge Mobilization, University of Guelph
Stuart, Mike 2015 Thought Experiments in Science Y. Fehige Postdoctoral Researcher at the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Sciences at the London School of Economics
Greenham, Paul 2015 A Concord of Alchemy with Theology: Isaac Newton’s Hermeneutics of the Symbolic Texts of “Chymistry” and Biblical Prophecy Y. Fehige Postdoctoral Fellow, Tel Aviv University
Lusk, Greg 2015 Quantifying Nature: Epistemology for Climate Science M. Morrison Assistant Professor, Dept. of History and Philosophy of Science, Michigan State University
Fulda, Fermin 2015 Natural Agency: An Ecological Approach D. Walsh Lecturer, IHPST, The University of Toronto
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques 2015 Science as Creole: A Case Against Incommensurability B. Baigrie Director of Innovation, Government of Haiti
Thicke, Michael 2016 Science-Market Analogies: A Philosophical Examination J. Berkovitz Visiting Scholar, Bard College
Lewis, Cory 2017 Medium-Strength Modality in Science D. Walsh Lecturer, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Toronto
Richter, Adam 2017 The Mathematical Minister: John Wallis (1616-1703) at the Intersection of Science, Mathematics, and Religion. Y. Fehige Teaching Assistant, Dalhousie University
Cournoyea, Michael 2018 Medical Explanation in Evolutionary Medicine, Network Medicine, and Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms P. Thompson Contract Lecturer, IHPST, University of Toronto
Dragos, Chris 2018 The Epistemology of Scientific Groups P. Thompson Contract Lecturer, Ryerson University
Lussier, Kira 2018 Managing the Self: Corporate Psychological Testing, 1860 to present M. Murphy Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto
Stemeroff, Noah 2018 On the Constitutive Role of Mathematics and Structure in Theoretical Physics J. Berkovitz Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Tel Aviv