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Name Research Area Title Position Email

James Robert Brown

Philosophy of science

Anjan Chakravartty

Philosophy of science

Yves Gingras

History of Physics Professor, UQAM

Daniel J. Goldstick

Philosophy of Science Member Emeritus

Ingrid Hehmeyer

History of Arabic and Islamic Sciences and Technology Professor, Ryerson University

James P. Hull

History of Canadian Technology Associate Professor, University of British Columbia

Philippe Huneman

Philosophy of biology, philosophy of medicine, Kantism and modern German philosophy, history of 18th-19th century biology, philosophy of science

Bernard Lightman

Science and Religion Professor, York University

Pauline M.H. Mazumdar

History of Medicine Member Emeritus

Margaret Morrison

Philosophy of Physics and of Biology Professor

Michelle Murphy

History and Science and Technology Studies, race and sex, life sciences, technology, environmental studies, political economy, feminist and postcolonial studies Professor

Steve Penfold

Canada/North America, automobiles, energy, mass consumption Associate Professor

William Seager

Philosophy of Science, Leibniz, philosophy of mind Professor

Edward (Ned) Shorter

History of Medicine, History of Psychiatry Professor; Hannah Chair in the History of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine; Professor of Psychiatry history.medicine@utoronto.ca

Stephen D. Snobelen

History of Science (Early Modern and 19th century), science and religion, Isaac Newton, the popularization of science, radical theology in the Early Modern period, and Millenarianism Associate Professor, University of King's College