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Name Research Area Title Position Email

Brian Baigrie

Philosophy of Science; Early Modern Natural Philosophy Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies , baigrie@chass.utoronto.ca

Hakob Barseghyan

Philosophy of Science, Theory of Scientific Change Assistant Professor hakob.barseghyan@utoronto.ca

Joseph Berkovitz

Philosophy of Probability, Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Economics Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies joseph.berkovitz@utoronto.ca

Lucia Dacome

History of Medicine Associate Professor and Pauline M.H. Mazumdar Chair in the History of Medicine , lucia.dacome@utoronto.ca

Yiftach Fehige

Christianity and Science Associate Professor yiftach.fehige@utoronto.ca

Craig Fraser

History of Mathematics Professor , craig.fraser@utoronto.ca

Nikolai Krementsov

History of Biology and of Medicine Professor n.krementsov@utoronto.ca

Mark Solovey

History and Philosophy of the Social Sciences Assistant Professor mark.solovey@utoronto.ca

Wen-Ching Sung

Medical Anthropolgy; Anthropology of Science and Technology Assistant Professor wenching.sung@utoronto.ca

Paul Thompson

Philosophy of Biology and of Medicine Professor p.thompson@utoronto.ca

Marga Vicedo

History of Biology Associate Professor marga.vicedo@utoronto.ca

Denis Walsh

Philosophy of Biology Professor denis.walsh@utoronto.ca

Rebecca Woods

History of technology Assistant Professor rebecca.woods@utoronto.ca

Chen-Pang Yeang

History of Physics Associate Professor and Director , chenpang.yeang@utoronto.ca