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Name Research Area Title Position Email

Allan Hunt

Sunguk Jung

History of Genetics, History of Eugenics, and History of Medicine jung.sunguk@mail.utoronto.ca

Aaron Kenna

General philosophy of science, history and philosophy of probability and statistics, history and philosophy of scientific method PhD candidate aaron.kenna@mail.utoronto.ca

Craig Knox

Philosophy of Psychiatry craig.knox@mail.utoronto.ca

Elizabeth Koester

History of Medicine & Eugenics elizabeth.koester@mail.utoronto.ca

Sophie LeBlanc

Aaron Lepp

Cory Lewis

Philosophy of Science, with a focus on Biology cory.lewis@utoronto.ca

Karl Loszak

Kira Lussier

History of the human sciences; feminist STS; history of capitalism; critical management studies kira.lussier@utoronto.ca

Mathew Mercuri

Bernard Neary

Andrew Oakes

History of Astronomy andrew.oakes@mail.utoronto.ca

Nicholas Overgaard

Models of Scientific Communities, Social Ontology, Social Epistemology nicholas.overgaard@mail.utoronto.ca

Paul Patton

philosophy and history of neuroscience and cognitive science paul.patton@mail.utoronto.ca