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Name Research Area Title Position Email

Bruce J. Petrie

History of Mathematics b.petrie@mail.utoronto.ca

Sarah Qidwai

History of Evolutionary Biology and South Asian Studies

Toby Reid

History of astronomy; history and philosophy of cosmology; history and philosophy of the (general) theory of relativity; philosophy of technology (forecasting)

Adam Richter

Science and Religion adam.richter@mail.utoronto.ca

Greg Rupik

History and Philosophy of Biology greg.rupik@mail.utoronto.ca

Juan Serrano

History of astronomy and cosmology, early modern science, the scientific revolution, science and religion, general philosophy of science jd.serrano@mail.utoronto.ca

Filippo Sposini

History of Psychiatry, History of Psychology, History and Philosophy of Social Sciences, History of Medicine, French Structuralim and Post-Structuralism filippomaria.sposini@mail.utoronto.ca

Clara Steinhagen

Noah Stemeroff

Felix Walpole

Philosophy of Biology, History of Biology felix.walpole@mail.utoronto.ca

Adrian K. Yee

History & Philosophy of Economics, Philosophy of Science, Political Philosophy adriankyle.yee@mail.utoronto.ca

Fan Zhang