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Rebecca Woods (24 Seminars)

Nonhuman animals are central to the production of scientific facts and artifacts. They also exhibit little innate respect for anthropogenic political boundaries, making their study an effective way into transnational histories of science and technology. This advanced seminar will revisit classic themes in the history of science and technology—the rise of the laboratory; the development of natural history; experimental systems; categories of race, gender, and sex—from the perspective of nonhuman animals. Doing so will allow us to examine what technoscientific practice looks like when mice, monkeys, and Drosophila flies take center stage; and to bring nonwestern species, knowledges, practices, and places into existing narratives about the history of science and technology in the “West.”

Prerequisite: Any 300-level HPS course or permission of the instructor
Distribution Requirement Status: This is a Humanities course
Breadth Requirement: Society and its Institutions (3)


Course Information

  • Course Code: HPS402H1