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(24 Seminars)

In this course we examine major episodes in the history of evolution and genetics in the twentieth century. Topics include Darwinian evolution, sociobiology and evolutionary psychology, eugenics, and genetic screening and therapy. We will examine different views about the control of evolution and genetic manipulation in their socio-cultural-economic context and discuss the ethical and social implications of those views.

Exclusion: VIC207H1, Innis One, Munk One, New One, SMC One, Trinity One, UC One, Vic One, Woodsworth One; No more than another 0.5 FCE from 199 seminars or Vic One Hundred.
Distribution Requirement Status: This is a Humanities or Social Science course
Breadth Requirement: Thought, Belief and Behaviour (2)


Course Information

  • Course Code: VIC 107H1
  • Course Location: NF 007
  • Course Delivery: On Campus
  • Course Credits: 0.5 cc