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This seminar provides a highly selective overview of the history of modern technology from the time of the classical Industrial Revolution onwards. “Technology”, like “Nature”, is a complicated and ambiguous word. Moreover, its meaning seems to be getting muddier the more it is invoked as saviour, demon, the way to heaven, or the road to hell. History can help us understand the word and the thing a little better and we will attempt to do this in this course. Because of the breadth and the nature of the subject, the course cannot claim to be anything but introductory. Its intent is to provide you with an exposure to selected readings and issues in the history of modern technology, the opportunity to think and write about these, present them to other seminar members, and benefit from their comments and criticisms. You will not have the opportunity to do serious research, but you will be required to explore beyond your readings and write on your findings.


Course Information

  • Course Code: HPS2006H
  • Course Location: NF235
  • Course Delivery: On Campus
  • Course Credits: 0.5 cc