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Chen-Pang Yeang (24 Seminars)

Cross-listed course: HPS2001H

Historians, philosophers, and sociologists have produced a wealth of literature on the analysis and examination of physics from the early modern period to the present. In this seminar, we read and discuss in depth a collection of recent classics and cutting-edge works on the historical studies of physics. Students also conduct research based on this literature. We aim to use physics as a lens to understanding key themes in the making of modern science, from incommensurability, epistemic cultures, and historical ontology, to materiality, social construction, pedagogy, and countercultures.

Prerequisite: At least one HPS course
Recommended preparation: Develop the ability to read scholarly books and conduct research in history of science
Distribution Requirement Status: This is a Humanities course
Breadth Requirement: Thought, Belief and Behaviour (2)


Course Information

  • Course Code: HPS413H1