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The fees schedule consists of two categories depending on the status of the student in Canada: (1) Canadian citizens and permanent residents, and (2) visa students. Please refer to the School for Graduate Studies website for the most up-to date fee schedule and funding information:

Please note that a tuition bursary from SGS is available for Master’s students who find themselves requiring extra time beyond the two years to finish off program requirements. Doctoral students are charged a pro-rated monthly tuition fee if completion of their program in their final year overlaps into the next academic year. The School of Graduate Studies lists the details in the final year fees on their web site at:

Financial assistance is available in the form of University, government and foundation fellowships. Scholarship and Award information is available on the SGS webs site at:

Financial Assistance

Awards, Fellowships, and Scholarships

IHPST is committed to providing a minimum level of financial support for all students admitted to the Ph.D. program for a period of four years, and five years for Direct-entry, providing that they remain in good standing. Funding during the M.A. year will also be provided for entering students who are designated as doctoral stream (to be determined by the faculty). For a doctoral-stream student the level of support each year is normally equal to $18,000 plus tuition and fees. This amount is made up of external and internal fellowships, teaching assistantships and research assistantships. Please note that if a work assignment is turned down by the student, the monetary worth of the assignment is deducted from the package. Likewise, if after originally accepting an assignment, the student later turns it down for some reason, the amount will be deducted from U of T funding package payments. However, any on-campus employment that the student finds after receiving the definition of his/her funding components will not be taken off the total; it will be in addition to the package. For further information, refer to the Arts & Science website:

IHPST Rewards

IHPST graduate students are eligible for a number of awards and honours that are administered by the graduate program.

Pauline M. H. Mazumdar Prizes in the History of Medicine

Awarded for the best essays on any subject within the history of medicine written by students (undergraduate and graduate) registered at the University of Toronto.

The Alfred and Florence Aiken and Dorothy Woods (Aiken-Woods) Memorial Graduate Scholarship in the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology.

Awarded to a student (domestic or international) who is admitted to a graduate program at the IHPST.

Kiran van Rijn Essay Prize

Awarded by a committee of graduate students who have achieved candidacy for the best essays written by MA students at the IHPST.

The Trevor Levere Graduate Student Excellence Award

Awarded to an IHPST graduate student for academic achievement.

Fellowships and External Funding

All students who are Canadian or landed-immigrants wishing to be considered for internal funding from the University of Toronto are required to apply for all possible external funding, especially the OGS and SSHRC (for doctoral program), detailed below.

An entering student who has been identified by the department as a “doctoral-stream” candidate, is automatically eligible for university fellowships, (particularly the U of T Open and the Connaught), but only if application for admission and supporting documents are received by January 15. Brief descriptions of the basic fellowships relevant to Institute students are:

University of Toronto Fellowships

Value: $18,000 plus tuition and fees

No separate application is necessary for all prospective students who meet the January 15 deadline mentioned above, or for returning students who have applied for an Ontario Graduate Scholarship and SSHRC.

Ontario Graduate Scholarships

Value: $15,000

Applications are available from the Institute in October or directly from the Student Awards Branch, Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities, P.O. Box 4500, 230 Park Avenue, Thunder Bay, Ont. P7B 6G9. IHPST Deadline for submission of applications is usually set at the end of October. Students contemplating application to the Institute are urged to apply directly to the Ministry in their last undergraduate academic year. Note that OGS fellows must under University policy receive fellowship support equal to the University of Toronto Fellowship, which is greater than the OGS. Accordingly, OGS Fellows receive additional support, usually in the form of Teaching or Research Assistantships, so that their total support package equals or exceeds that of the UTF.

CGS Doctoral Fellowships

Value: $35,000 for three years

Only Canadian citizens and landed immigrants are eligible. This is a subcategory of the SSHRC Doctoral Fellowships described below and shares a common applications process.

SSHRC Doctoral Fellowships

Value: $20,000

Only Canadian citizens and landed immigrants are eligible. Details and application forms are available at the Institute in October, or directly from SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) at 255 Albert Street, Box 1610, Ottawa, K1P 6G4. IHPST Deadline for submission of applications is usually set at the end of October.

SSHRC Masters Fellowships

Value: $17,500

Only Canadian citizens and landed immigrants are eligible. Students contemplating application to the Institute are urged to apply directly to SSHRC in their last undergraduate academic year.

Further Funding Opportunities

See the University of Toronto’s Award Explorer for a searchable repository of scholarships and awards available at the University of Toronto.