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The IHPST is excited that the History of Science Society Annual meeting will be held in Toronto this November 9-12, just as it was 50 years ago for the founding of the Institute.

Several members of the institute will be presenting at the meeting, including:

  • Professor Mark Solovey, “Disciplining The Social Sciences During The Reagan Revolution”
  • Graduate student Kristen Schranz, “Pneumatic Chemistry In The Making: The Writings Of James Keir And Pierre-joseph Macquer, 1766–1779”
  • Professor Chen-Pang Yeang, and graduate students Jennifer Barton and Noah Stemeroff, “Tackling Wired Waves In Heinrich Hertz’s Electromagnetic Experiment: Theory, Materiality, And Exploratory Trial”
  • Professor Rebecca Woods, “Arresting The Finger Of Time: Temporality, Mobility, And The Science Of Artificial Refrigeration, 1860-1900”
  • Graduate student Oana Baboi, “Reporting On Exotic Materia Medica: The Portuguese Viceroy’s 1596 Report On Indian Medicinal Plants”
  • Graduate student Jennifer Barton, “Hedging Your Epistemology And Hiding Your Metaphysics: Conceptions Of Prediction And Control In Early Earth System Science”
  • Professor Emeritus Janis Langins, “The Bloody Poetry Of War In Clausewitz”
  • Graduate student Jennifer Fraser, “The ‘forgotten’ Expedition: Chronicity, Sovereignty And The Search For Inuit Cancer, 1903-1960”
  • Professor Lucia Dacome, Session Chair and Commentator: “Working and Knowing with Paper I: Paper Panopticism”
  • Professor Emeritus Trevor Levere, Commentator: “Protean Matters”
  • Professor Emerita Polly Winsor, Participant: “Roundtable: On Writing: Craft and Profession”

More details about the meeting are available on the HSS website.

Additionally, the Institute will be hosting an invitation-only reception for some of the delegates.