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The instructor must set a final deadline for the submission of coursework that will permit the submission of final grades by the Graduate Administrator’s departmental grade submission deadline. (this deadline is set three working days before the SGS grades submission deadline). Initial requests for an extension on academic or non-academic grounds must be made prior to the instructor’s final deadline.

Coursework deadline extensions require both the approval of the instructor and the Director of Graduate Studies. There are two grounds on which a request for an extension will be consider: academic and non-academic:

Request for extension on academic grounds:

  1. Students may take no more than one departmental coursework deadline extension on academic grounds per term.
  2. The maximum departmental deadline extension for academic reasons will be for one month after the Graduate Administrator’s grade submission deadline for the relevant term. For example, if the DGS’s grade submission deadline is May 8th, the maximum departmental extension of time to submit a grade for coursework would be June 8th. The instructor may elect to set an earlier date.
  3. Coursework submitted after the departmental deadline will receive a grade reduction of one increment (A, A-, B+, B, B-, etc.) for each week (or portion thereof) past the deadline.
  4. Work submitted late without a departmental extension (i.e., work submitted after the instructor’s deadline in a course for which the student has not been granted a departmental extension) will receive a grade reduction of one increment (A, A-, B+, B, B-) for each week (or portion thereof) past the instructor’s deadline.

Request for extension on non-academic grounds:

  1. Students who request extensions on non-academic grounds (e.g., illness, injury) must demonstrate that the reasons for delay are both serious and substantiated in the form of a statement detailing the reasons (along with a physician’s letter, if injury or illness is the grounds for the petition).
  2. An extension on non-academic grounds will be granted only if the DGS is assured that (a) the student has a reasonable chance of completing coursework within the time to be allotted; and (b) the student would not be placing in jeopardy the normal and satisfactory completion of new coursework.

Please note that you must submit both the SGS Extension Request Form and the IHPST Extension Request Form to the Director of Graduate Studies. The DGS has final authority on all requests for coursework extensions.