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Winter 2019
HPS302H1: Philosophy of Technology
Course Instructor: Dr. Atoosa Kasirzadeh
Mondays 12-2 (Location: VC212)

Course description: This course introduces a number of key thinkers, approaches, and philosophical issues in the philosophy of technology. The goal of this course is to help students to develop an understanding of the philosophical dimensions of technology by analyzing the nature of technology through multiple critical lenses. The course is divided into two main parts. Part I investigates the meaning and the social, ethical, and philosophical implications of technology. To this end, we will discuss several questions about technology such as: (1) what is technology? (2) Does technology control us? Or do we control technology? (3) Is technology autonomous? (4) What are the unintended consequences of technology? In discussing these questions, we compare and contrast different philosophical positions about the nature of technology and we will synthesize them to make coherent arguments to assess the role of current and emerging technologies in society. Part II turns to philosophical challenges of the current and emerging technologies. In particular, we discuss ethical and philosophical critiques of the cyberspace, artificial intelligence, and human enhancement.

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