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Name Research Area Title Email
Brian Baigrie Philosophy of Science; Early Modern Natural Philosophy Associate Professor brian.baigrie@utoronto.ca
Hakob Barseghyan Philosophy of Science, Theory of Scientific Change Assistant Professor hakob.barseghyan@utoronto.ca
Joseph Berkovitz Philosophy of Probability, Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Economics Associate Professor joseph.berkovitz@utoronto.ca
Lucia Dacome History of medicine Associate Professor lucia.dacome@utoronto.ca
Yiftach Fehige Christianity and science Associate Professor yiftach.fehige@utoronto.ca
Craig Fraser History of mathematics Professor craig.fraser@utoronto.ca
Nikolai Krementsov History of biology and of medicine Professor n.krementsov@utoronto.ca
Mark Solovey History and philosophy of the social sciences Associate Professor mark.solovey@utoronto.ca
Wen-Ching Sung Medical anthropology; anthropology of science and technology Assistant Professor wenching.sung@utoronto.ca
Marga Vicedo History of biology Professor marga.vicedo@utoronto.ca
Denis Walsh Philosophy of biology Professor denis.walsh@utoronto.ca
Rebecca Woods History of technology Assistant Professor rebecca.woods@utoronto.ca
Chen-Pang Yeang History of physics Associate Professor chenpang.yeang@utoronto.ca


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(Members of the Graduate Faculty of the IHPST from other University of Toronto departments, or external to the University of Toronto, and Professors Emeriti)

Name Institutional Affiliation Area of specialization Contact
James R. Brown Professor Emeritus of the Dept. of Philosophy, University of Toronto Philosophy of science, foundations of physics, philosophy of mathematics, sociology of science jrbrown@chass.utoronto.ca
Anjan Chakravartty Professor, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Miami Philosophy of science chakravartty@miami.edu
Ronald B. De Sousa Professor Emeritus of the Dept. of Philosophy, University of Toronto Philosophy of mind; philosophy of biology sousa@chass.utoronto.ca
Yves Gingras Professor, Dept. of History, UQAM History of physics gingras.yves@uqam.ca
Maya J. Goldenberg Associate Professor, Dept. of Philosopy, University of Guelph Philosophy of medicine (epistemology and ethics), feminist philosophy, philosophy of science and bioethics mgolden@uoguelph.ca
Daniel J. Goldstick Professor Emeritus of the Dept. of Philosophy Philosophy of Science (416) 978-2055
Franz Huber Assistant Professor, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Toronto Formal Epistemology, general Philosophy of Science, and philosophical logic, metaphysics, philosophy of language, metaphilosophy franz.huber@utoronto.ca
Philippe Huneman Professor, Institut d’Histoire et de Philosophie des Sciences et des Techniques (IHPST), Paris Philosophy of biology; philosophy of medicine; Kantism and modern German philosophy; history of 18th-19th century biology; philosophy of science huneman@wanadoo.fr
Edward Jones-Imhotep Associate Professor, Department of History, York University History of technology and the history and philosophy of the physical sciences imhotep@yorku.ca
Joel Katzav Professor, School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry, University
of Queensland
Philosophy of Science and technology, epistemology, metaphysics, and the history of 20th century philosophy, philosophy of climate science
Bernard Lightman Professor, Division of Humanities, York University Science and religion lightman@yorku.ca
Steve Penfold Associate Professor, Dept. of History, University of Toronto 20th century Canada, social, cultural, political steve.penfold@utoronto.ca
William E. Seager Professor, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Toronto Philosophy of science; philosophy of mind seager@utsc.utoronto.ca
Edward (Ned) Shorter Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto History of medicine; history of psychiatry history.medicine@utoronto.ca
Brian Cantwell Smith Faculty of Information, University of Toronto Foundations and philosophy of computing, both in the practice and theory of computer science and in the use of computational metaphors in other fields such as philosophy, cognitive science, physics, and art brian.cantwell.smith@utoronto.ca
Stephen D. Snobelen Associate Professor, History of Science and Technology, University of King’s College History of science (Early Modern and 19th century); science and religion, Isaac Newton; the popularization of science; radical theology in the Early Modern period; and Millenarianism Stephen.snobelen@ukings.ca
Paul Thompson Professor Emeritus of the IHPST Philosophy of biology; philosophy of medicine p.thompson@utoronto.ca
Ross E.G. Upshur Family and Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto Philosophy of Medicine ross.upshur@utoronto.ca
David A. Wolfe Professor, Dept. of Political Science, University of Toronto Economics of innovation and technology transfer david.wolfe@utoronto.ca

Sessional Lecturers

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Name Research Area Title Email
Fermin Fulda Philosophy of Biology; Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science; General Philosophy of Science Sessional Lecturer fermin.fulda@mail.utoronto.ca
Juan Ilerbaig History of Biology; History of Archival Research Sessional Lecturer j.ilerbaig.adell@utoronto.ca
Elizabeth Koester History of Medicine; History of Eugenics in Canada Sessional Lecturer elizabeth.koester@mail.utoronto.ca
Sylvia Nickerson History of Mathematics Sessional Lecturer s.nickerson@utoronto.ca
Eric Weidenhammer Material Culture; Museum Studies; History of Science and Technology Sessional Lecturer erich.weidenhammer@utoronto.ca

Administrators of the IHPST

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Academic Administrators

Name Research Area Title Email
Cheryl Misak Bioethics, Ethics, History of Analytic Philosophy, Pragmatism, Social and Political Philosophy Acting Director cheryl.misak@utoronto.ca
Brian Baigrie Philosophy of Science; Early Modern Natural Philosophy Director of Graduate Studies baigrie@chass.utoronto.ca
Joseph Berkovitz Philosophy of Physics Director of Undergraduate Studies joseph.berkovitz@utoronto.ca

Administrative Staff

Name Title Contact
Muna Salloum Business Manager and Executive Assistant to the Director muna.salloum@utoronto.ca
Denise Horsley Graduate and Undergraduate Academic Assistant denise.horsley@utoronto.ca
Adriana Leviston Administrative Assistant adriana.leviston@utoronto.ca

Graduate Students

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Name Research Area Program Email
Markus Alliksaar Philosophy of science PhD mark.alliksaar@mail.utoronto.ca
Esther Atkinson Eighteenth century medicine; 18th century childhood PhD esther.atkinson@utoronto.ca
Vincent Auffrey Social History of Medicine, History of Eugenics, History of Canada PhD vincent.auffrey@mail.utoronto.ca
Oana Baboi History of medicine, South Asian studies PhD oana.baboi@mail.utoronto.ca
Jeni Barton History of technology; history of earth sciences PhD jeni.barton@mail.utoronto.ca
Donald Borrett Philosophy of science PhD d.borrett@utoronto.ca
Zhixiang Cheng philosophy and (intellectual) history of biology, general philosophy of science PhD  zhixiang.cheng@mail.utoronto.ca
Aleksandar Djedovic Philosophy of biology, philosophy of cognitive science PhD alex.djedovic@mail.utoronto.ca
Austin Due Philosophy of science and medicine PhD a.due@mail.utoronto.ca
Oubai Elkerdi Metaphysics; epistemology; science and religion; technology and culture MA oubai.elkerdi@mail.utoronto.ca
Roula Faraj Epistemology, philosophy of Perception, history and philosophy of physics PhD roula.faraj@mail.utoronto.ca
Victoria Fisher Science & Technology Museums & Collections PhD victoria.fisher@utoronto.ca
Jennifer Fraser History of medicine, science and technology studies, public health history, and Aboriginal health PhD jenniferlindsey.fraser@mail.utoronto.ca
Gary Graham Philosophy of physics; philosophy of quantum mechanics, specifically the justification of retrocausalsolutions by means of current causal models PhD gary.graham@mail.utoronto.ca
Jessica Hall Philosophy of mind, cognition and AI; philosophy of mathematics PhD Jessie.hall@mail.utoronto.ca
Daniel Halverson History of biology, c. 1850-1950; philosophy of history PhD daniel.halverson@mail.utoronto.ca
Jan Henning History of Technology, History of Medicine PhD jan.henning@mail.utoronto.ca
Andrew Jones Philosophy of Medicine, Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Psychiatry, Psychedelic Science PhD aj.jones@mail.utoronto.ca
Sunguk Jung  History of Genetics, History of Eugenics, and History of Medicine PhD jung.sunguk@mail.utoronto.ca
Atoosa Kasirzadeh Philosophy of Science PhD atoosa.kasirzadeh@mail.utoronto.ca
Aaron Kenna  Philosophy of probability PhD aaron.kenna@mail.utoronto.ca
Craig Knox Philosophy of psychiatry PhD craig.knox@mail.utoronto.ca
Sophie LeBlanc History and Philosophy of Technology and the Environment PhD sophie.leblanc@utoronto.ca
Aaron Lepp Science and religion; social epistemology; and philosophy of science PhD aaron.lepp@mail.utoronto.ca
Bree Lohman History of Technology PhD
Karl Loszak Philosophy of mind; and history of psychoanalysis MA karl.loszak@mail.utoronto.ca
Charlotte Duffee Philosophy of science PhD charlotte.marcotte.toale@mail.utoronto.ca
Soroush Marouzi Philosophy of Probability, Philosophy of Economics, History of Economic Thought, Decision Theory, and Pragmatism PhD soroush.marouzi@mail.utoronto.ca
Candace Massey History PhD candace.massey@mail.utoronto.ca
Mathew Mercuri Philosophy of medicine PhD mathew.mercuri@utoronto.ca
Andrew Oakes History of astronomy PhD andrew.oakes@mail.utoronto.ca
Rohini Patel History PhD rohini.patel@mail.utoronto.ca
Paul Patton Philosophy of cognitive science; philosophy of neuroscience; and philosophy of biology PhD paul.patton@mail.utoronto.ca
Denisa Popa History of Medicine MA denisa.popa@mail.utoronto.ca
Sarah Qidwai History of science and religion; science and Islam; Colonialism and Science; South Asian Studies PhD sarah.qidwai@mail.utoronto.ca
Toby Reid History of astronomy; history and philosophy of cosmology; history and philosophy of the (general) theory of relativity; philosophy of technology (forecasting) PhD toby (dot) reid (at) mail (dot) utoronto (dot) ca
Greg Rupik History and philosophy of biology PhD greg.rupik@mail.utoronto.ca
Emmersen Love Philosophy of Economics; Evolutionary Decision Theory; Game Theory MA emmersen.scott@mail.utoronto.ca
Juan Serrano History of astronomy and cosmology, early modern science, the scientific revolution, science and religion, general philosophy of science PhD jd.serrano@mail.utoronto.ca
Filippo Maria Sposini History of Normality, History of Psychiatry, History of Medicine, History of Psychology, History & Philosophy of Social Sciences PhD filippomaria.sposini@mail.utoronto.ca
Clara Steinhagen History of medicine and epidemiology PhD clara.steinhagen@mail.utoronto.ca
Felix Walpole Philosophy of biology PhD felix.walpole@mail.utoronto.ca
Adrian K. Yee History & Philosophy of Economics, Philosophy of Science, Political Philosophy PhD  adriankyle.yee@mail.utoronto.ca
Fan Zhang Epistemology, structuralism; philosophy of science; archaeological theory PhD f.zhang@utoronto.ca