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University of Toronto Faculty of Arts and Science Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Arts & Science Postdoctoral Fellowships are designed to provide outstanding recent doctoral students advanced training in their field of study. These fellowships are not discipline specific, but rather can be held in any department or research unit across the Faculty of Arts & Science of the St. George Campus at the University of Toronto. Applicants must secure sponsorship of a supervisor, or supervisors, from the professoriate within the Faculty of Arts & Science. These fellowships pay a stipend of $48,000 per year for a maximum of two years.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants to the 2018-19 University of Toronto Arts and Science Postdoctoral Fellowships program through IHPST may be citizens of any country and must:

  • have fulfilled all degree requirements for a PhD no earlier than May 1, 2018
  • not hold a tenure-stream or continuing faculty position at a college or university
  • meet all Canadian immigration requirements
  • have the support of a supervisor from IHPST.

Application Procedures

To begin the application process for the University of Toronto, the applicants should first contact and obtain the agreement of a faculty advisor (or co-advisors), who is a member of the IHPST core faculty. Once they have secured the support of a potential advisor, they and/or the supervisor should inform the Director of IHPST (Cheryl Misak) of their intent to apply.

The application requires a one-page research proposal, a letter of support from the proposed supervisor and the candidate’s CV.

Please see the Faculty of Arts and Science website for guidelines and application forms. The full application is due on December 1st. Please inform the Director of your intent to apply no later than November 15th.