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Dr. Cheryl Misak

The IHPST is delighted to welcome Dr. Cheryl Misak as the leader of our next Research Seminar.

Cheryl Misak is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Toronto. She received her DPhil from the University of Oxford. Her research interests include ethics, history of analytic philosophy, political philosophy and pragmatism. She has published extensively, including the following books:

  • Cambridge Pragmatism: From Peirce and James to Ramsey and Wittgenstein, Oxford University Press (2016)
  • The American Pragmatists, Oxford University Press (2013)
  • Truth and the End of Inquiry: A Peircean Account of Truth, Oxford University Press (1991 and 2004 expanded edition)
  • Truth, Politics, Morality: Pragmatism and Deliberation, Routledge (2000)
  • Verificationism: Its History and Prospects, Routledge (1995)

For further information, see her website: http://philosophy.utoronto.ca/directory/cheryl-misak/

In the research seminar, we will be discussing an excerpt of her current book project: Frank Ramsey: A Sheer Excess of Powers

Participants are expected to read the text. Write to: (jung.sunguk@mail.utoronto.ca) for a copy of it.

Join us for this exciting event!

When: December 13, 12-2 pm
Where: IHPST Common room.
Lunch, coffee and tea will be provided.

Click here for more details.