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The IHPST is delighted to have Dr. Janice Boddy as the leader of our April Research Seminar.

Janice Boddy is Professor of Anthropology at the University of Toronto and Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. She received her Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia in 1982. Before that she obtained her M.A. from the University of Calgary and her B.A. from McGill University. Her research interests include social cultural anthropology, gender, embodiment, symbolism, religion, medical anthropology, and colonialism in Sudan, Africa, and Middle East. She has published numerous books and articles. Her recent publications include:

  • “Engendering change: New information technology and the dynamics of gender in northern Sudan,” in Sondra Hale and Gada Kadoda eds., Network of Knowledge Production in Sudan: Identities, Mobilities, and Technology (Lexington, 2016), 187-200.
  • A Companion to the Anthropology of Religion (ed. with Michael Lambek) (Wiley Blackwell, 2013)
  • Civilizing Women: British Crusades in Colonial Sudan (Princeton University Press, 2007)

For further information, see her website: http://anthropology.utoronto.ca/people/faculty/janice-boddy/

In the research seminar, we will be discussing her 2016 paper, “The normal and the aberrant in female genital cutting: Shifting paradigms,” HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory 6(2): 41-69.

Participants are expected to read the paper. For a copy of it: https://www.haujournal.org/index.php/hau/article/view/hau6.2.008, or write to Sunguk Jung (jung.sunguk@mail.utoronto.ca)

Join us for this exciting event!

When: April 11, 12-2 pm
Where: IHPST Common room (VIC 303).
Lunch, coffee and tea will be provided.

Click here for more details.