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The IHPST is excited to host Dr. Karen Kovaka as the leader for our October Research Seminar.

Karen Kovaka is an assistant professor of philosophy at Virginia Tech. Her research research is all about life science and environmental science. Her work addresses questions such as: How do disciplines like biology and ecology manage to come to grips with the messy, chaotic, and complex phenomena that they study? How can we use results from these sciences to solve social and environmental problems? What does the general public need to know about life science and environmental science? Her recent publications include:

  • “Underdetermination and evidence in the developmental plasticity debate.” British Journal for the Philosophy of Science. (2017)
  • “Late-instar ant worker larvae play a prominent role in colony-level caste regulation.” Insectes Sociaux. (With M. Warner & T. Linksvayer, 2016)
  • “Biological individuality and scientific practice.” Philosophy of Science. (2015)

For further information, see her website: http://karenkovaka.com

In the seminar, we will be discussing a draft of her paper “Climate Change Denial and Beliefs About Science.” Please contact Michael Miller (mike.miller@utoronto.ca) for a copy of the paper.

When: October 17, 12-2 pm
Where: Third Floor, Victoria College, IHPST Common Room

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