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Name Research Area Title Email
Roberta Buiani Science and Technology Studies, Visual Cultures, Media studies, Science Communication, Emerging Technoscience Sessional Lecturer roberta.buiani@utoronto.ca
Fermin Fulda Philosophy of Biology; Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science; General Philosophy of Science Sessional Lecturer fermin.fulda@mail.utoronto.ca
Juan Ilerbaig History of Biology; History of Archival Research Sessional Lecturer j.ilerbaig.adell@utoronto.ca
Elizabeth Koester History of Medicine; History of Eugenics in Canada Part-Time Instructor elizabeth.koester@mail.utoronto.ca
Cory Lewis Philosophy of Science Part-Time Instructor cory.lewis@utoronto.ca
Mathew Mercuri Philosophy of Medicine Sessional Lecturer mathew.mercuri@utoronto.ca
Sylvia Nickerson History of Mathematics Sessional Lecturer s.nickerson@utoronto.ca