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Ata HeshmatiI am a fist-year PhD student at IHPST interested in relationships between technology, Islamism, and nationalism particularly in the 20th-century Middle East. I am also a MA candidate of the STS program at UBC-Vancouver finishing my thesis on the idea of “Islamic technoscience” which frames several policies and technological projects initiated by Iran’s Cultural Revolution in the 1980s. I investigated how the pursuit of independence in technoscientific areas played a significant role in the formation of the Islamic Republic state in the aftermath of 1979 revolution. In my doctoral studies, I am primarily interested in examining policies, practices, and technoscientific objects that represent techno-political collaborations between post-colonial societies of the Global South. Along these lines, I will work more on the history of nuclear power in the Middle East exploring its engagements with Islam, popular culture, and literature.

Before joining IHPST, I completed a BSc in electrical engineering and a MA in philosophy of science from AUT and Sharif University of Technology, respectively. I also have worked as researcher in areas such as science policy and innovation studies for several research institutes in Iran.

Research Area: History of science and technology in the West Asia; Science and Technology Studies; Technology and religion; History of nuclear technology


Contact Information

  • Position Title: PhD
  • E-mail address: ata.heshmati@mail.utoronto.ca