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Selected Publications


CV (April 2021)

Ph.D. Theses Supervised – University of Toronto

Candace Massey, “DNA in Translation: Property, Value, and the Biomedical Commons in Human Population Genetics Research (1961-2011).” Co-Supervisor.

Filippo Sposini, “The Certification of Insanity: A Transnational History.” Co-supervisor.

Sunguk Jung, “Genetics on the Border: Harvard’s Bussey Institution and the Emergence of Specialised Genetics.” Supervisor.

Riiko Bedford, “Like Produces Like: Popular Conceptions of Heredity in Canada, 1860-1940.” Ph.D. May 2017. Co-supervisor.

Rebecca Moore: “Living Inventions: Genetically Modified Organisms and the Canadian Patent System, 1976-2004.” Ph.D. 2015. Supervisor

Ph.D. Thesis Committees – University of Toronto

Andrew Jones, “The Forgotten Patient Population: Psychedelic Drugs in Child Psychiatry, 1961-1972.”

Vincent Auffrey, “Eugenics in French Canada, 1880s-1940s.”

Gregory Rupik, “Evolutionary-Developmental Biology and Romanticism: Seeing the Organism Again.”

Felix Walpole, “Conceptual Problems in Modern Evolutionary Theory.”

Elizabeth Koester, “Law and Eugenics in Toronto, 1900-1939.” Ph.D. 2018.

Delia Gavrus, “Men of Strong Opinions: Identity, Self-Representation, and the Performance of Neurosurgery, 1919–1950.” Ph.D. 2011.

Sebastián Gil-Riaño, “Historicizing Anti-racism: UNESCO’s Campaigns Against Race Prejudice in the 1950s.” Ph.D. 2013.

Robin Nunn, “From Laughter to the Limits of Biomedical Knowledge.” Ph.D. 2012.

Keynyn Brysse, “The Burgess Shale: a Cambrian Mirror for Modern Evolutionary Biology.” Ph.D. 2008.


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  • Personal Title: Professor
  • Location: VC 310
  • E-mail address: marga.vicedo@utoronto.ca