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Mathew Mercuri completed a PhD in Health Research Methods at McMaster University, and a PhD in History and Philosophy of Science and Technology at the University of Toronto. He has also completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of Medicine at Columbia University. Mathew is currently an Assistant Professor in the Division of Emergency Medicine (McMaster University), and at the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation (University of Toronto). In 2018, he was named Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice. Mathew’s research interests are focused on medical epistemology, variations in medical practice, and issues around radiation exposure from diagnostic imaging.

Google Scholar Link: https://scholar.google.ca/citations?user=JCOgLroAAAAJ&hl=en


Contact Information

  • Position Title: Sessional Lecturer
  • E-mail address: mathew.mercuri@utoronto.ca