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Oana BaboiPublications

Baboi, Oana, “«Esperiencias das hervas orientaes»: Um inventário quinhentista de materia medica indiana,” in Cristiana Bastos ed. Medicina e Império na India Colonial Portuguesa, (Lisbon: Imprensa de Ciências Sociais) (forthcoming in 2021)

Baboi, Oana “Healing the Jesuit Body: Sharing Medical Knowledge in 17th – Century China,” in Amèlia Polònia, Fabiano Bracht, Gisele C. Conceiçao eds., Connecting Worlds: Production and Circulation of Knowledge in the First Global Age, (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018).

Baboi, Oana, “François de Rougemont’s Collection of Medical Recipes” in A. Chen Tsung-ming  ed., Catholicism’s Encounters with China. 17th to 20th Century. (Leuven Chinese Studies, XXXIX, Leuven, 2018), 207 – 226.


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