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Employed in Silicon Valley’s solid-state data storage industry, I’m pursing a flex-time PhD (since 2013) with IHPST. My dissertation will examine the development, emergence, and maturation of an American community of relativistic cosmologists during the second quarter of the 20th century with a focus on its evolution which culminated in mid-1940s physical cosmology. I have completed an MA (2013) at IHPST, an MIS (2001) at FIS/iSchool, and philosophy HBA (1996), all with the University of Toronto.

Published Articles:

Toms, Elaine G.; Reid, Toby. Assessing Intra and Extra Web-based Automatic Indexing Tools, CAIS/ACSI (2001).

Research areas:

  • History of Astronomy
  • History and Philosophy of (esp. Modern) Cosmology
  • History and Philosophy of the (General) Theory of Relativity
  • Analytic Philosophy of Technology (esp. Technology Forecasting)
  • Philosophy of Information

Email address: toby (dot) reid (at) mail (dot) utoronto (dot) ca

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