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Staging Science is an exhibition at the IHPST that explores the use of models in science. The exhibition considers how scientific models are and have been used both inside and outside of laboratory walls to make science tactile, accessible, and applicable. Staging Science demonstrates the importance of models within the research context, as powerful tools of scientific pedagogy, and as means by which scientific ideas find practical expression in professional and non-academic contexts. The physical objects on display—ranging from models of planetary orbits to the mechanisms of vision and hearing—come directly from the UTSIC collection of historic objects that were used at the University of Toronto to teach and investigate the natural world.

This exhibition is the result of a collaborative effort between the graduate students at the IHPST—who collectively manage the UTSIC—and the Master’s of Museum Studies Program (MMSt) at the University of Toronto iSchool.

Visit the collection on the third floor of Victoria College, 91 Charles Street West.