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Radial Beam Tetrode

The University of Toronto Scientific Instruments Collection (UTSIC) is a collection of artifacts amassed from science, engineering, medical and other departments at the university. Supported by the IHPST, curated by IHPST alumnus Erich Weidenhammer, and overseen primarily by IHPST graduate students, the project also involves the collaboration of students, associates, staff and faculty from departments across the University. Since 2008, UTSIC has been working to uncover and catalogue the university’s material heritage in order to preserve it, make it available for study, and share it with the university community through a number of outreach projects, including a yearly exhibit. As we continue to grow, we hope this collection will become the basis for a university-wide effort. Please visit our website to find out more and explore our online catalogue.

Our current exhibit, ‘The Vitreous World’, explores glass in its great variety of forms and functions through artefacts collected from this university, this city, or by the various communities that inhabit Turtle Island/North America. Gathering instruments and objects made of glass and using glass, it examines the uses of this versatile, beautiful substance in science and as technology, in architecture, in ornament and imagery, and as manufactured material.

You can find ‘The Vitreous World’ on the third floor of Victoria College (91 Charles Street West, Toronto) until April 2020.

Open daily 10am-6pm.